I Gima’ Siha

There are nine existing structures on the property which are referred to as guma’. Each guma’ was established to showcase various cultural art forms and traditional practices, serving as the central meeting place for demonstrations, exhibits, educational outreach, discussions, lectures, and workshops. These events are made to be accessible to those interested in carrying on specific customary practices.

  1. Guma’ Håcha – Seafaring, Celestial Navigation, Canoe-carving, Traditional Fishing Practices
  2. Guma’ Hugua – Farming Traditions, Animal Husbandry, Land Cultivation, and Culinary Arts, currently sponsored by Guåhan Sustainable Culture
  3. Guma’ Tulu – Yo’åmte & åmot #2 (traditional healing arts), currently sponsored by the Håya Foundation
  4. Guma’ Fåtfat – Cultural and Contemporary Dance, Chant, Music, and Poetry
  5. Guma’ Lima – Resource Center for Weaving, Language, and Historical/cultural Studies
  6. Guma’ Gunom – Museum
  7. Guma’ Fiti – 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Visual Arts
  8. Guma’ Guålo’ – Guinahan Chamoru Gift Shop (Arts & Co-operative Business Partner)
  9. Guma’ Sigua – Yo’åmte & åmot (traditional healing arts), currently sponsored by the Håya Foundation
  • Apprenticeship programs
  • Educational workshops
  • School field trips & tours (see Admissions below)
  • Featured artisans
  • Cultural events
  • Service Learning Opportunities and more!
  • General Admission: $5.00 per person (age 5 and below: FREE admission)
  • Local Admission with a valid Guam I.D. or Driver’s License: $3.00 per person (age 5 and below: FREE admission)
  • Group rates for ten people: $50 ($5.00 each additional person)
  • PRIVATE TOURS MAY BE ARRANGED BY CALLING 688-7290 OR 788-455. You may also send us email at sagankotturanchamoru@gmail.com.
Hours of Operation
  • Monday thru Saturday – 11:00 am to 6:00 pm (subject to change)
  • Yo’åmte: Monday thru Friday – 8:00 am to 12:00 pm or call (671) 727-7717 to schedule an appointment with a healer
  • All government of Guam holidays are observed.