Sagan Kotturan Chamoru

Since its inception in 2006, a consistent base of hardworking, dedicated volunteers and donors have contributed to our mission by devoting time to the transformation of the eight structures which were previously used to house physicians who were employed at the former Guam Memorial Hospital into what is now established as an open-air, serene CHamoru Cultural Center.

Our center serves as a co-operative site which hosts CHamoru artisans and cultural practitioners who wish to develop and exhibit their art form and those who wish to share and sharpen their skills in traditional methods of farming, cooking, and healing.

A tour of the Center showcases our rich history and the evolution of our culture for visitors to the Center. Sagan Kotturan CHamoru is conveniently located in Tomhom, GuÄhan to serve the local community as well as visitors from abroad.

To Preserve, Perpetuate, and Promote the CHamoru culture, language, and history through the education, exhibition, apprenticeship, and demonstration of the various forms of traditional and contemporary CHamoru arts and crafts.